Bella has been bred with Buster!

If everything goes as planned we should have a new litter of puppies sometime in January. We are very excited.

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Our dogs are having a great time pheasant hunting again.

Xarah is turning into a really good bird dog. She can’t get enough of hunting. She howls if you take one of the other dogs and leave her behind even if she already had her turn.

Whitey has more energy than he needs. He could hunt all day and never get tired. Bella has the happiest look on her face when it is her turn to hunt. We think she has springs on her feet because she jumps so high.

Finally, Buster, he is a hunting machine. Slow and steady is the way Buster works but he always gets his bird.

We want to wish everyone a very merry holiday season! Have a great Christmas and enjoy spending time with your family.