About JMH Welsh Springer Spaniels

At JMH Welsh we specialize in Welsh Spaniels for the field and family. While we believe our dogs would do well in the show ring, we have chosen to focus more on the field characteristics of the breed. A Welsh is a true dual purpose dog/  I grew up with dogs all my life but I dreamed one day of having a dog of my own that would be a hunting dog. I have always loved Spaniels so I chose an English Spaniel and her name was Annie Jo after my favorite race car driver AJ Foyt.  My journey began 26 years ago with Annie. While hunting and training Annie I fell in love with training dogs for the field.(loved her too) I started getting Gun Dog Magazine and an article in 1994 about the Welsh Spaniels changed what I wanted for my next gun dog. I also talked with a breeder named Greg Rounds about this breed and I realized a Welsh Spaniel was exactly what I wanted. I told my mom this was my goal and in a few short years she would get me one for Christmas. I gave her the name Ellie (Bill Elliot LOL) and it evolved from there.

I moved from Milwaukee, WI to Lena, WI so I could have the space to raise and train dogs. In Lena I met my wife Bobbie, who is involved with the dogs as much as I am. She especially loves caring for our litters and she is great with them. Our dogs are truly a family affair. Our sons, Branik and Brance, enjoy the puppies but especially enjoy the older dogs and hunting with them.

Since my first Welsh I have made great friends involved with the Welsh Spaniels, Anja, Gene, Bob, Greg, Larry, and Andrea just to name a few. I also have some very good breeder friends that I work with and have received dogs from. I cannot thank them enough for their dedication to this breed, they truly have improved the breed. Working together we are striving to keep all the traits a Welsh Springer Spaniel is supposed to have. Our goal at JMH Welsh is to produce the best Welsh Springers that we can. It always makes me smile when people tell us how much they love the dogs they get from us, or better yet come and get a second dog, that’s what it truly is about for us.