We have always known that Bella is the princess of the house. We now have a diva in our house too. Her name is Xarah and she is the newest member of our family. Xarah came to us from the same breeder that Bella was from in Europe. Her name is Anja and we would like to thank her for producing such great dogs. We will always consider her a good friend.

Xarah is very, very smart. It takes her 2 or 3 times to learn a command. She walks great on a leash and sits when you tell her to. She likes to try to get away with things and you can see the wheels turning when she does. When she is chewing on something she shouldn’t be she is looking around to see if anyone is watching. When you tell her no she stops and then inches her mouth closer again when she thinks you forgot. She is very entertaining.

Every morning when she eats she starts at one bowl and then moves to the next. Bella and Whitey then move to different bowls. The only dog she doesn’t mess with is Buster. He is the king of the castle and I think she knows it. When she tries to play with Buster he just rolls over on his back and lets her do anything she wants to him. He is very good with her.

We will keep everyone posted on the progress of Xarah and the rest of the gang as we move in to hunting season. We will also update as we get closer to the planned litter with Bella and Buster this fall.